The Bongo guy is
Dean Cuadra of Santa Monica, California...

a drummer (could ya guess?)
and some other stuff.

This web site is a vehicle for SSP
(Shameless Self Promotion).

photo by Craig Ferré

So why the alias, "Bongo guy?"  Well, besides playing a drum kit, I'm a bongo player.  Several years ago, I was playing at a gig, and had just finished a solo.  A drunk in the audience stood up, stuck two fingers in his mouth, let out an ear-piercing whistle, and yelled, "BONGO GUY!!"  He then lost his balance, knocked over a chair and fell over it.  It was hilarious.  I had a lot of fun poked at me about that guy, along with the nickname he gave me but, as names go, it's better than some other things that I've been called.

Music--  my reason for living
Electronics--  how I MAKE my living
Halloween Technology--  We're SERIOUS about Halloween!
Amateur Radio--  a hobby for COOL nerds!
Santa Monica Drum Corps--  Bustin' heads! (drum heads)
Crazy Sports--  extreme and otherwise
Cheers--  So, this guy goes into a bar...
Travel--  Recommendations for visiting exotic places
Bongo guy's new girlfriend